Ankrismah - Dive in the Abyss (CD)

Ankrismah - Dive in the Abyss (CD)

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ANKRISMAH's black metal is evil, hypnotic and putrid. It gives back to the genre its dangerous and horrible side that some consider as vanished. "Dive in the Abyss" will make you dive for real in the deepest abyssal darkness. ANKRISMAH takes its inspiration from ABRUPTUM, BEHERIT, PROFANATICA, HAVOHEJ, MUTIILATION, DEMONCY, MAYHEM, SUMMUM MALUM, DARKTHRONE... but with an own style emerged from chasms. 9 tracks for 46 inhuman minutes. First album from this band born in 2002 in Provence.


Track listing

  1. Black Hole
  2. Profanation du Vice
  3. Nothing Around
  4. Crawling Mist
  5. I Curse
  6. I Worship Madness
  7. Kill Yourself
  8. Narcose
  9. To My Grave