Anni Hogan - Kickabye (2CD)

Anni Hogan - Kickabye (2CD)

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From her early days as a legendary Batcave DJ, through her work with Marc Almond, Anni Hogan is one of the true geniuses of the alternative scene. A composer, songwriter, arranger, producer, promoter and DJ, she helped to shape the sound of the 80s.

Kickabye features some of the leading lights of the alternative scene: Nick Cave, Marc Almond, FOETUS, Budgie (SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES) and Gini Ball amongst others as well as production by Jim "Foetus" Thirwell, plus 10 extra tracks from the same period. The second CD is also tracks from the same period, featuring YELLO and with production by Barry Adamson. Digitally remastered with 4 new and exclusive song versions.


Track listing

  1. Vixo
  2. Burning Boats
  3. Just Like Drowning Kittens
  4. Marat
  5. The Executioner's Song (Kickabye)
  6. Delirious Eyes
  7. Hope And Fears
  8. Wasting Time
  9. Senseless
  10. Fleurs Dolls
  11. The Frost Comes Tomorrow
  12. The Hustler
  13. Blood Tide
  14. Margaret
  15. Burning Boats (Foetus Drum Version)
  16. A Place To Belong
  17. Everything We Do
  18. Self
  19. Story So Far
  20. Each Day
  21. Blue Nabou


This expanded reissue representing the solo work of Anni Hogan during the eighties is as comprehensive as it could be to. The inclusion of guest tracks and rerecordings are perhaps an unnecessary addition. Kudos to Cold Spring who stuck their neck out for this one, as Kickabye has always been a great wee EP. Hogan's second single and the demos are also a bit of an eyeopener and worthy of the interest of anyone into girl-pop. And who cares if some of these songs are of there time as where else you gonna find a release that includes Nick Cave, Marc Almond, Budgie, Foetus, Simon Fisher Turner, Zeke Manyika, Barry Adamson, Yello... - 4/5