Anthrax - One Last Drop (CD)

Anthrax - One Last Drop (CD)

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ANTHRAX return with their first new release since the mid-eighties. Their previous releases were two EP's released by Crass Records and Small Wonder in 82 and 83. This double A-side was recorded over two days in May 2009 with the original lineup.


Track listing

  1. One Last Drop
  2. Welcome


The pace may have slowed a fraction but the urgency hasn't diminished one bit. The A side has a really powerful sound, almost an Oi! feel but with more depth to it. The flip is more traditionally moody @-punk, perked up with a simple semi-acoustic refrain along the way. The whole thing is like the second EP on steroids, and I'm really impressed with the progression. I'd even go as far as saying that, as a whole package, it's the best thing they've done to date. - 5/5