Anthrax - One Last Drop (Discography) (CD) Anthrax - One Last Drop (Discography) (CD)

Anthrax - One Last Drop (Discography) (CD)

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An excellent collection of early eighties anarchist punk! Dedicated band (new album just released last year) with a killer sound somewhere between CRASS and CONFLICT!!

10 page fold-out card sleeve featuring all the great original EP designs, band photos and some lyrics.


Track listing

  1. All The Wars
  2. Capitalism Is Cannibalism
  3. Introduction To War
  4. Exploitation
  5. They've Got It All Wrong
  6. P.P.B.
  7. Vivisection
  8. Violence Is Violence
  9. Exploitation
  10. They've Got It All Wrong
  11. What Will Tomorrow Bring?
  12. P.P.B.
  13. Capitalism Is Cannibalism
  14. Violence Is Violence
  15. Prim To Pension - All Things Bright And Beautiful
  16. It'll Be Alright On The Night
  17. Capitalism Is Canibalism (Live At Moonlight)
  18. They've Got It All Wrong (Live 26-09-82)


Demos, singles, and compilation contributions of their "Crass on a more traditional punk bender" sound all make an appearance here, all of it serving as a nice reminder of why these guys were one of the better bands to come out of that scene. Add some stunning packaging and you've got yourself one great fuckin' CD. - 5/5