Anti Cimex - Victims of a Bomb Raid: The Discography (3CD)

Anti Cimex - Victims of a Bomb Raid: The Discography (3CD)

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Hardcore brutality from Sweden! 1981-1993. Legendary band, especially big influence within Sweden, including Swedish death metal! The collection includes their classic EPs and both LPs!


Track listing

  1. Svaveldioxid Anarkist Attack
  2. Heroindöd Anarkist Attack
  3. Drömmusik Anarkist Attack
  4. Anti-Cimex Anarkist Attack
  5. When the Innocent Die Raped Ass
  6. War Machine Raped Ass
  7. Total Silence Raped Ass
  8. Cries of Pain Raped Ass
  9. Raped Ass Raped Ass
  10. Desperate Hours Victims Of A Bomb Raid
  11. Game of the Arseholes Victims Of A Bomb Raid
  12. Victims of a Bomb Raid Victims Of A Bomb Raid
  13. Set Me Free Victims Of A Bomb Raid
  14. Prelude E-minor / Criminal Trap Anti Cimex
  15. Time To? Anti Cimex
  16. Make My Day Anti Cimex
  17. Smell Of Silence Anti Cimex
  18. Painkiller Anti Cimex
  19. Set Me Free Anti Cimex
  20. Under the Sun Absolut Country Of Sweden
  21. Going Down Absolut Country Of Sweden
  22. Sister Daylight Absolut Country Of Sweden
  23. Share My Life Absolut Country Of Sweden
  24. Wheel of Life Absolut Country Of Sweden
  25. Daughters of Pride Absolut Country Of Sweden
  26. 1990 Absolut Country Of Sweden
  27. Fear My Nerves Absolut Country Of Sweden
  28. Doing Time Absolut Country Of Sweden
  29. Rose Absolut Country Of Sweden
  30. Braincell Battle Scandinavian Jawbreaker
  31. Only in Dreams Scandinavian Jawbreaker
  32. Dogfight Scandinavian Jawbreaker
  33. Hatred Scandinavian Jawbreaker
  34. Scandinavian Jaw Breaker part I Scandinavian Jawbreaker
  35. Scandinavian Jaw Breaker part II Scandinavian Jawbreaker
  36. New Blood Scandinavian Jawbreaker
  37. Pain (U Bring Me) Scandinavian Jawbreaker
  38. Of Ice Scandinavian Jawbreaker
  39. Heading for Hell Scandinavian Jawbreaker
  40. Rust Never Sleep Scandinavian Jawbreaker
  41. Nailbiter Scandinavian Jawbreaker