Antiseen - Here to Ruin Your Groove (CD)

Antiseen - Here to Ruin Your Groove (CD)

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Punk rock from Charlotte, North Carolina who of course collaborated on a killer LP with GG ALLIN! This is their eighth album influenced by classic punk THE RAMONES, STOOGES and Southern rock like LYNYRD SKYNYRD.


Track listing

  1. Ugly American
  2. The Dean Of Sods Speaks #1
  3. Spare Change
  4. People Like You
  5. The Dean Of Sods Speaks #2
  6. Funk U (A Tribute To Terry Funk)
  7. Misery
  8. The Dean Of Sods Speaks #3
  9. We Got This Far (Without You) '96
  10. Radio Ruined Groove
  11. Billy The Kid (A Real American Hero)
  12. Self Induced Lobotomy
  13. Sick Things
  14. O.D. For Me
  15. Needle And The Spoon
  16. The Dean Of Sods Speaks #4
  17. Justifiable Homicide
  18. Fornication
  19. Fuck All Ya'll


At times on 1996's Here to Ruin Your Groove, Jeff Clayton's scorched-earth vocals and Joe Young's equally unwavering guitar riffs make it sound like Antiseen is moving into the European death metal sound from its original skuzzy, post-punk stoner rock. On the other hand, no record produced by Jamie Hoover, of twink-pop pioneers the Spongetones (who also sits in on banjo and keyboards), is going to go too far into the black. The sound is only marginally cleaner than before, but at least all the distortion sounds intentional this time out, and the rhythm sections' presence is beefed up considerably, giving songs like "We Got This Far (Without You)" a sonic punch that actually belies the album title. Highlights include the countrified "Billy the Kid," and the majestic closer "Fuck All Y'all," not to mention the four amusing, inebriated, monologue-plus-free form backing-track-links collectively called "The Dean of Sods Speaks." - 3/5