Aosoth - Aosoth (CD)

Aosoth - Aosoth (CD)

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AOSOTH has been active since 2002 and have released two splits until this date. Their debut album is finally at hand and doesn't stray away from the path that the band has set with their previous releases. Black metal with the same qualities that can be found in HELL MILITIA, CRAFT and ANTAEUS. MkM of ANTAEUS handles the vocal performance perfectly as he preaches the Psalms of AOSOTH forth. Bst - also main man behind Balrog really makes this album stand out from the rest of the crowd with his perfected musicanship. One of the best French black metal bands at this moment, and this full-lengther proves just that.


Track listing

  1. Aura of Pills (part I)
  2. Aura of Pills (part II)
  3. Nine as Ego
  4. Soul Cremation
  5. Rebirth by Fire
  6. Never Betrayed
  7. Three Months and One Equinox
  8. Salvation into Oblivion
  9. Here to Serve
  10. Prophets Curse