Apati - Eufori (Cassette) Apati - Eufori (Cassette)

Apati - Eufori (Cassette)

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Debut full-lengther from this Swedish entity. Music fueled by melancholy and subjects surrounding the bitter nectar of life, the downward spiral is ever so present in this work of EUFORI (Euphoria). One of the more interesting new and rising bands from Sweden. So reach for your inner anticlimax and pull these faceless buildings to the ground and make sure to never reach that star above, nurture this state of total apathy and face APATI.


Track listing

  1. Höst
  2. Sömnlösa nätter
  3. Nykter idag
  4. Eufori
  5. Likgiltighetens slutstation
  6. Verklighetsflykt är min verklighet
  7. En gammal vän
  8. Livet ur en dåres synvinkel
  9. Blodrött hav
  10. Allt jag aldrig haft