Apparition - Sakra Devanam Indra (CD)

Apparition - Sakra Devanam Indra (CD)

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South Korean black metal! Solo project of Berserk. Apparition formed a few years ago and have previously released two demos (2008, 2009), Sakra Devanam Indra is the debut album released late 2009. Raw black metal with a thematic focus on the rich history of this region.

Apparition is proudly bravery ancestral history was formed knight Barbarians dominated wilderness shoot an arrow with ride on the horse history of Hwahn Empire. Propaganda is emblem of intention a walk path Oriental philosophy, clear up honest or wrong, not obey rotten authority of foul human society.


Track listing

  1. Cloudy Sky (Intro)
  2. A Soul's of Black Knight
  3. Sakra Devanam Indra
  4. Sentence of Total Depravity
  5. Transcend This Mortal Coil
  6. 梅花之道
  7. Call from the Grave (Tribute to Bathory)