Architect of Disease - Open the Hearts (CD)

Architect of Disease - Open the Hearts (CD)

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The first and currently only album by Polish black metal horde ARCHITECT OF DISEASE!


Track listing

  1. Leviathan Prayer
  2. Bones Regime
  3. In the Blaze of Havoc
  4. Without Divine Intervention
  5. Open the Hearts
  6. Rejection of the World
  7. Devour the Sun


The track falls somewhere between Astral Sleep era Tiamat and Blood Ritual era Samael... The final, 15-minute song, Devour The Sun drags and scrapes out meaty riffs and melodic embellishments on to lapse into more epic feeling segments that loosely remind me of Rotting Christ's early work. Architect Of Disease is a diverse and varied band that bring many images of important underground entities without making me feel like I am listening to, nor directly referencing them. Open The Hearts captures my attention and never loosens its grasp despite giving nods to ancient gods. I feel like these influences are modernized, buried and resurrected into something completely new. Definitely spend some time with Architect Of Disease if you value alone time with quality music. - 4/5