Ares Kingdom - Return to Dust (CD)

Ares Kingdom - Return to Dust (CD)

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Thrashing Black Death from the US with members of ORDER FROM CHAOS!!
Eight tracks of infernal thrashing madness defy categorization and have been well received by the underground hordes.


Track listing

  1. Firestorm Redemption
  2. A Dream of Armageddon
  3. Failsafe
  4. Fear Itself
  5. Lamentations
  6. None Escape
  7. Sins of the Father
  8. Ironclad


The hermetic symbolism of Order From Chaos has dissolved into a vision (or votive?) of cleansing annihilation, and Keller's vivid and often inspiring illustrations of terminal battle more than suit the mud march of tracks like "None Shall Escape" and the torch-bearing riffs of "Lamentations". Alex Blume's vocal spillage serve as last rites atop Keller's six-string murrain, dovetailing into triumphant refrain with wild leads reaching for a dust-blocked sun. - 4/5