Arfsynd - Hesychia (Digipak CD)

Arfsynd - Hesychia (Digipak CD)

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Two and a half years after their debut, ARFSYND returns with its second full-length, entitled "Hesychia". Inspired by the teachings of eastern orthodox christianity, it is a manifest of deepest pessimism and awareness of the inexorable Original Sin, that a man carries within...
Recorded at Liesmia Studio in 2010-2012 and mastered at Necromorbus by Tore Stjerna, "Hesychia" adds new elements to the canvas of ARFSYND, yet the trademark riffing and style are unmistakeably there. The album features guest vocal contributions by D. from EXCESSUM and Mortifer from ORCIVUS.

Gatefold digisleeve with 12 page booklet.


Track listing

  1. The Lord's Acceptance
  2. Famine Feeds Famine
  3. Lethe's Litany
  4. Death's Anti-Culture
  5. Freedom Through Obedience
  6. The Fiery Spirit


It's dark, richly textured, smartly paced and dripping with unadulterated conviction and fire. I've always considered Perditor's main band, ORCIVUS, a tad nondescript, but here his talents are on full display. The end result is one hell of an enjoyable Black Metal album that works on several levels, regardless of it's basic approach to the genre. - 4/5