Argus Megere - VEII (CD) Argus Megere - VEII (CD)

Argus Megere - VEII (CD)

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Fourth studio album from Timisoara, Romania based misanthropic black metal veterans ARGUS MEGERE! VEII features 4 long tracks (none under 10 minutes) and marks the passing over the two decades milestone for the Romanian band that features members with extensive experience gained also from past or current activity in bands like NEGURA BUNGET, ORDINUL NEGRU, SYN ZE SASE TRI, KULTIKA or KATHAROS XIII.


Track listing

  1. Carul cerului
  2. Tronul celui ce sta de straja
  3. Umbre in piatra apuse
  4. Tabla


There are also medieval sounding choirs and chanting, church bells and fine melodies. All set in a dark landscape far beyond the valleys of hope. The album has a feeling of being a soundtrack to a depressing film. Like a journey to a funeral or the aftermath of a lost battle. There is an air of hopelessness about this music. - 5/5