Arkaik Excruciation - Among the Vortex of Chaos (Cassette)

Arkaik Excruciation - Among the Vortex of Chaos (Cassette)

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The funereal auspices of a lunar eclipse have cast a storm onto the lowest sphere of existence: Among the Vortex of Chaos is the first opus of ARKAIK EXCRUCIATION, a fourfold beast whose bloodlust has just been unleashed. Brutality spills quickly over the listener and, as soon as one dares to think he has survived the chaos, a crushing and devastating plague of slow, dense riffing spreads around like a massive mist of illness. The rawness and filth are palpable as the demo progresses and the rabid vocals keep pushing the unwary into the depths of purgatory. The listener is soon buried under the thick layer of the band's sonority - rust, dirt and putrefaction.


Track listing

  1. Alone...
  2. At Graveyard
  3. The Vortex of Chaos
  4. Razors
  5. Lunar Carnage
  6. Necromantic Hallucination