Arkha Sva - Odo Kikale Qaa (U-I-V) (CD) Arkha Sva - Odo Kikale Qaa (U-I-V) (CD)

Arkha Sva - Odo Kikale Qaa (U-I-V) (CD)

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Third angle of the retrospective albums, compiling the split EP with DROWNING THE LIGHT named In His Name, the split MLP with CHALICE OF BLOOD, the split MLP with WINTER FUNERAL named Mikalp Khis Bia Ozongon, the split EP with WOODS OF INFINITY named Old Ugly Trees and the III-way-split LP named N.O.I.R.
All these releases except the split with WINTER FUNERAL were never published on CD before!


Track listing

  1. Chant X
  2. Buried in Frost
  3. Chant VII
  4. Master of Loss
  5. Cycles of the Sabbathickall Dusk
  6. Chant VIII
  7. Bringer of Hate Plague
  8. Skhisma
  9. Chant XII
  10. Hvt Lr'Ch Kmch
  11. Chant XIII
  12. Burg Dom
  13. Chant XIV