Arkona - An Eternal Curse of the Pagan Godz (2022 Reissue) (LP)

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The debut demo of Polish underground cult ARKONA on vinyl for the first time! Recorded live during nightly rehearsal, 26 March 1994.

Formed in that fateful, fiery year of 1993, Poland's ARKONA heard the call from the North and took up torches of their own. While an often-overlooked name, alongside GRAVELAND and very early BEHEMOTH, ARKONA helped shaped the Polish black metal sound during the '90s, and continue to this day honoring their ancient vision.

The Swiss label Morbid Madness suggested the band re-record Eternal Curse... for a studio album. This eventually became Imperium, released by Astral Wings in 1996 (recorded in December 1994). The original demo songs on this tape and Imperium re-recordings:
"From the Depth of Hell-Fire into the Infinited War" became "Skrajna nienawiść egoistycznej egzystencji"
"Only True Belief" became "Epidemia rozczarowania i nędza duchowa"
"In the Shadow of Dying Willows" became "Każdy los to cień"
"Under the Arms of Lucipher" became "Jesienne cienie czekające na kolejną reinkarnację"
"Barbarian - Fire of the Whirlwind Hills" became "Wściekłość która nadchodzi"
"An Eternal Curse of the Pagan Godz" became "Pluję na twą marność psie!"

A CD of the same name was released in 1997 combining Eternal Curse... and the second demo Bogowie zapomnienia.


Track listing

  1. From the Depth of Hell-Fire into the Infinited War
  2. Only True Belief
  3. Long Hard Winter
  4. In the Shadow of Dying Willows
  5. Under the Arms of Lucipher
  6. Frostwind from the Land of Immortal Hatred
  7. Barbarian - Fire on the Whirlwind Hills
  8. An Eternal Curse of the Pagan Godz
  9. The Infinited War