Arkona - Ot Serdtsa k Nebu (From the Heart to the Sky) (CD)

Arkona - Ot Serdtsa k Nebu (From the Heart to the Sky) (CD)

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The Russian horde ARKONA delivers a masterpiece of Slavic Pagan Metal with their latest full-length release "Ot Serdca K Nebu", or "From the Heart to the Sky". Traditional folk instruments merge skillfully with powerful guitar riffs and pounding drums creating catchy yet versatile songs that have quickly become the trademark of mastermind and frontwoman Masha Scream. Her unique compositions and lyrics set the stage for her impressive vocals that range from clean passages to brutal screams and grunts. The lyrical concept breathes of lore and legend, inviting the listener to enter the realm of nearly forgotten gods. Already a major force within Russia, ARKONA is armed and ready to conquer the rest of the world with "Ot Serdca K Nebu". Draw your swords and prepare for the coming storm!


Track listing

  1. Покровы небесного старца
  2. Гой, Купала!!!
  3. От сердца к небу
  4. Ой, печаль-тоска
  5. Гутсулка
  6. Стрела
  7. Над пропастью лет
  8. Славься, Русь!
  9. Цигулар
  10. Сва
  11. Катится Коло