Arkona - Stenka na Stenku (Стенка на Стенку) (CD) Arkona - Stenka na Stenku (Стенка на Стенку) (CD)

Arkona - Stenka na Stenku (Стенка на Стенку) (CD)

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Arkona will be releasing a new full-length studio album late this summer. Yet to appease their eagerly awaiting fans, the pagan folk metal warriors, revolving around charismatic front lady Masha Scream, present the MCD "Stenka Na Stenku". The nearly 25-minute-long mini CD includes a new track from the upcoming album, as well as 5 exclusive non-album tracks. The opening number delivers one of the band's most melodic and memorable tracks ever, while staying true to their highly acclaimed and expected trademark sound. An acoustic version of "Goi, Rode, Goi!" follows close on its heels, as well as the track "Skal", featuring guest musician Freki of Germany's Varg. This particular offering is sure to invoke more than one headbanging extravaganza during any number of upcoming live performances this summer! The MCD concludes with 2 folk-influenced tracks that emphasize the more melancholic side of Arkona's musical prowess. "Stenka Na Stenku" provides the listener with a full range of that which makes this Russian band so special, and it will most certainly become yet another highlight in Arkona's discography.


Track listing

  1. Stenka na Stenku
  2. Valenki
  3. Goi, Rode Goi! (acoustic version)
  4. Skal (feat. Varg)
  5. Duren' (Svarga cover)
  6. Noviy Mir (Odda mailbmi) (Shaman cover)