Armour - Can't Resist Your Spell / Hellfire (EP)

Armour - Can't Resist Your Spell / Hellfire (EP)

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Can't Resist Your Spell b/w Hellfire

Armour are a band led by SATANIC WARMASTER's Werwolf performing hard rock and heavy metal influenced largely by the 80's LA scene (W.A.S.P. having the most impact).
Since self-releasing their Sonichouse CD a few years ago, ARMOUR have pressed on with a few underground releases - a split, an ep and a number of singles - at the same time gaining a certain amount of mainstream attention through enforcements and a national competition. All culminating in Can't Resist Your Spell and the album it is taken from. This single became a focused attack on the Finnish charts resulting in a Number 2 spot at the end of 2009.

This Finland-only release includes the studio version of Can't Resist Your Spell and an exclusive version of Hellfire.


Track listing

  1. Can't Resist Your Spell
  2. Hellfire (Exclusive Version)