Artcore - Issue 26 (Zine)

Artcore - Issue 26 (Zine)

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Includes CD by HOUSE OF COMMONS - their 1983 mini album Patriot and a collection of demo tracks 1985-1993!

One of the last of the 80's hardcore punk fanzines, established Jan 1986! Issues come out twice a year. Half current bands, half "vaultage" covering classic bands from the 70's and 80's.

SHOT BAKER - Current purveyors of the classic Chicago punk sound.
CAPITAL - Long Island, NY's melodic and passionate hardcore outfit.
SHITTY LIMITS - Beware the Limits, beware the Misfits, beware the hype?
HARBOUR - Cardiff's newest emotional melodic hardcore band.
WARPRAYER - Bristol's doom-laden crust exponents get down'n' dirty.
CUT UPS - Exeter's catchy punk singalong band tells all.
CHRIS WALTER - The Vancouver punk author reveals the hidden truth.
ANGRY SAMOANS - Legendary L.A. punks who shocked and offended.
THE CRAMPS - Seminal primitive garage rockers honoured.
N.O.T.A. - Tulsa, Oklahoma's 80's hardcore unit take away your rights.
FLEX! - Burkhard Jaerisch's phone book sized hardcore discography.
EIGHTH ROUTE ARMY - Enigmatic Massachusetts 80's punk troupe.
JOHN YATES - Ex-pat now influential S.F. graphic designer interviewed.

'The Daily Terrorgraph' tells it like it is, or possibly isn't.
'Welcome to Booze Country' hosts some unearthed live shots.
'Off the Beaten Tracks' shines light on some ancient wax slabs.
As well some of the usual rantin' 'n' 'ravin' 'n' reviewin' and an enhanced CD by HoC.


Track listing

  1. Way Down South
  2. Low
  3. Gotta B Alive
  4. 1999
  5. American Patriot
  6. Institution
  7. Live For Today
  8. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
  9. Ultimatum
  10. Attitude
  11. Raid
  12. Insane
  13. Factory
  14. Killer's Pride