Arvet - Aijna (CD) Arvet - Aijna (CD)

Arvet - Aijna (CD)

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Aijna is the desolation of God represented in daunting poetry of occult black metal. Debut album of ARVET lies churning below the metaphysics of Kali Yuga and Black Magick combining the elements of emotional void, elegy and delicate experimentality into a holistic exposure of Luciferian Arts. Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh...


Track listing

  1. Kuoleman äiti
  2. Samaelin palatsi
  3. Rukous mestarillisen ajatuksen oivaltamiseksi
  4. Hirtetyn mestarin temppeli
  5. Hunnuton - kuoleman voitto
  6. Liekehtivä dharana
  7. Tehomothin kaksoistähti
  8. Ainias


If the music alone feels hard to digest, the lyrics are even a level higher. While I was pretty much able to decipher the themes of e.g. mortification on Ihmiskärsimys, Aijna goes wider and deeper into occult subjects in a way that only an advanced explorer of esoteric beliefs can comprehend. The lyrics are spewed out with true feeling by both Zetekh and Noxifer, and the actual content is an important, if not even mandatory, part of Aijna. Personally there's a lot of unlocked doors in the maze of Aijna for me, and it'll still take quite a long while to work out everything. But as the thing with comprehensive albums always goes, it isn't required to understand everything and that is what brings a nice charm to a record. With its intriguing song progressions, authentic and raw sound, intricate occult imagery and symbolic lyrics blazing with ardor, I dare to say that Aijna deserves its place among other modern Finnish classics-to-come, or cult legends, such as IC Rex's Valonkantajan Alkemia even if I'm already quite certain that - all unnecessary elitism aside - only few can see Aijna's appeal due to its ultimately challenging nature both musically and thematically. - 5/5