As Autumn Calls - An Autumn Departure (Cassette)

As Autumn Calls - An Autumn Departure (Cassette)

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Canadian doom metal. Pro-tape edition of their first album.


Track listing

  1. Initium (Intro)
  2. Closer to Death
  3. The Shadows Follow
  4. The Demons Therein
  5. Wither Away
  6. In the Emptiness
  7. Without You
  8. Unearth My Sorrow
  9. Murder (Katatonia cover)
  10. An Autumn Departure (Outro)


As Autumn Calls is a rare thing indeed: an original band in a genre overcrowded with clones. And while the music is personal, it never lets you outside its universe. Even better: the album lets you guess that the band has not fired all its bullets yet; they've released a great first effort, and still has enough rooms left for some improvement. I'm already eager to see into which woods they'll carry me next. - 5/5