As Light Dies - The Love Album: Volume I (CD)

As Light Dies - The Love Album: Volume I (CD)

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This is a conceptual album based in all the horror, pain and grief which involves all love stories. Inspired in all the things that people prefers not to think about or remember but everyone is destined to suffer it day after day in many different ways: daily tragedies, inner hells, situations which drive the people crazy, avoid the traditional love concept in songs, which is naive and unreal. No love story has a happy ending. This is a deep view really close to everyone personal experiences with the intention of moving or disturb in an emotional way to the listener. This is the third AS LIGHT DIES album from Spain. Mixed by Dan Swäno and artwork done by Romain Barbot. Huge atmosphere, dark compositions, killer guitar work, an myriad of different feelings. An unique sonic journey experience.


Track listing

  1. We Are All Destined for Grief
  2. Orpheus Mourning
  3. Blow of Loss
  4. Together as One
  5. When Distance Becomes Real
  6. Your Wake
  7. No Pain at Sleep
  8. Nemesis
  9. Acceptance
  10. Farewell from Distant Shores