Ataraxie - Project X (2CD)

Ataraxie - Project X (2CD)

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Released to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the French doom / death band! Featuring a re-arranged and re-recorded The Other Path demo (their first demo from 2003), two exclusive songs, and live recordings from Les Festins Sonores festival in 2008!


Track listing

  1. The Other Path
  2. My Last Breath
  3. Behind the Mask
  4. Eternal Sufferings
  5. The Isle of the Dead
  6. Unholy Prayer
  7. Alone in My Coffin
  8. From Agony to Eternity
  9. À jamais
  10. L'Ataraxie (live)
  11. Walking Through the Land of Falsity (live)
  12. Anhédonie (live)
  13. Aphel - Die schwarze Schlange (Bethlehem cover) (live)
  14. Another Day of Despondency (live)


"Project X" then is a perfect new addition to the collection of long standing fans, especially for the excellent live and unreleased tracks, and for those new to the scene, this is how Funeral Doom is mean to be played, loud, as fast as treacle running down a not so pliable material, and extremely depressive! - 5/5