Atheist - Piece of Time (2005 Reissue) (CD)

Atheist - Piece of Time (2005 Reissue) (CD)

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Cult Classic series. Bonus tracks include Beyond demo (1988), "Hell Hath No Mercy" demo, pre-ATHEIST demo R.A.V.A.G.E. - On We Slay (1987)!!

Piece of Time is the classic debut that brought ATHEIST to the front of the international metal scene's collective conscience. Almost six years in the making, Piece of Time combines the bands death metal roots and youthful exuberance with their growing pension for technical composition and performance. Instant classics such as On They Slay, I Deny, and the title track are ever bit as visceral and urgent now as they were upon release. Piece of Time captures Atheist in its formative years, perched on the precipice of greatness, and has emerged as a cult classic that has stood the test of time.


Track listing

  1. Piece of Time
  2. Unholy War
  3. Room with a View
  4. On They Slay
  5. Beyond
  6. I Deny
  7. Why Bother?
  8. Life
  9. No Truth
  10. No Truth Bonus
  11. On They Slay Bonus
  12. Choose Your Death Bonus
  13. Brain Damage Bonus
  14. Beyond Bonus
  15. Hell Hath No Mercy Bonus
  16. On They Slay Bonus
  17. Brain Damage Bonus
  18. Undefiled Wisdom Bonus


...simply put, essential Metal for all self-respecting fans. - 5/5