Atomic Roar - Metal Mayhem (CD)

Atomic Roar - Metal Mayhem (CD)

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Brazilian metal punk! Collects unreleased from the debut album recording sessions, the original demo School of Lust (2006) and an earlier 2003 rehearsal.


Track listing

  1. Metal Mayhem
  2. Electric Mayhem (Warfare cover)
  3. Bangers Are Back in Hell
  4. Chains in Your Face
  5. Metal Mayhem
  6. School of Lust
  7. Atomic Whore
  8. Play Loud
  9. Metal Punk Onslaught
  10. School of Lust
  11. Hunting the Witch (Marauder)
  12. Demon Dust
  13. Metal Mayhem
  14. The Pianist