Atomic Rooster - The Devil Hits Back (2008 Reissue) (CD)

Atomic Rooster - The Devil Hits Back (2008 Reissue) (CD)

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The Devil Hits Back is a compilation album by British rock band Atomic Rooster. Released shortly after the death in 1989 of Atomic Rooster founder member Vincent Crane, it was compiled as a tribute by his widow, Jean, and former bandmate John Du Cann.

Reissue of the 1989 Best of Album.
Atomic Rooster was an English progressive rock band, formed by ex-Crazy World of Arthur Brown members, Vincent Crane and Carl Palmer in 1969. Their only hit singles came in 1971 with "Tomorrow Night" (a UK Number 11), and "The Devil's Answer" (UK Number 4).
Atomic Rooster formed in summer 1969 when the Crazy World of Arthur Brown disbanded on tour in the US, and keyboardist Vincent Crane and drummer Carl Palmer returned to England to form Atomic Rooster with bassist/vocalist Nick Graham. By 1970,they would release their self-titled debut album Atomic Rooster. While this happened, Vincent Crane had hired John Du Cann(At the time using his name without the 'Du') of Andromeda, on guitar. With him they would release the single Friday the Thirteenth. However, soon after John joined, Nick departed leaving Rooster without a bassist or vocalist. This was no problem for the Rooster, as Crane would cover bass lines with a combination of left hand and foot-pedals. John emphasised on the lower range of his guitar, and take over vocal parts. The band resumed gigging until the end of June 70 when Carl announced his departure to Emerson, Lake & Palmer.


Track listing

  1. Devil's Answer (Live)
  2. When Do I Start To (Live)
  3. Play It Again
  4. Control Of You
  5. Lost In Space
  6. Looking For You
  7. Watch Out
  8. Tomorrow Night
  9. Living Underground
  10. The End Of The Day
  11. Love Your Mind
  12. Hiding In The Shadows