Atomizer - The Death of Forever (CD) Atomizer - The Death of Forever (CD)

Atomizer - The Death of Forever (CD)

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ATOMIZER's debut album, The End of Forever originally released by the French label End All Life Productions (JUDAS ISCARIOT, MUTIILATION, DEATHSPELL OMEGA) is now re-issued with two bonus tracks from the 1998 Atomic Metal Power demo and renamed The Death Of Forever with completely new artwork/layout. Comes with a custom outer die-cut cover and heavy-stock insert with lyrics and band photos. Ten tracks with remastered sound of Evil Fuckin, Hell Rockin, Black Ritual Slayin, Metal from down under!!!


Track listing

  1. Intro: The March of Forever
  2. Upon the Dying Priest I Spat
  3. Now That's Fuckin' Evil
  4. The Only Good Human (Is a Dead Human)
  5. Somebody's Gonna Die Tonight
  6. Atomic Metal Power
  7. Blacker than Ever (Unpure cover)
  8. The End of Forever
  9. Atomic Metal Power (Demo 98)
  10. Now That's Fuckin' Evil (Demo 98)