Aura Noir - Out to Die (Digipak CD)

Aura Noir - Out to Die (Digipak CD)

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The ugliest trio in the world is back! March 2012 sees the release of the fifth AURA NOIR album, Out to Die, their first album with Indie recordings, with Blasphemer permanently back in the fold and several tours in Europe, North and South America under their belt since 2008's Hades Rise. It is bound to cement the band's reputation as a black thrash attack more ugly, brutal and merciless than ever.


Track listing

  1. Trenches
  2. Fed to the Flames
  3. Abbadon
  4. The Grin from the Gallows
  5. Withheld
  6. Priest's Hellish Fiend
  7. Deathwish
  8. Out to Die