Autarcie - Epoque Revolue (CD)

Autarcie - Epoque Revolue (CD)

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After the excellent album released through La Mesnie Herlequin, AUTARCIE returns for their most historically charged full length. A 5 track album recorded and mixed without any artifice or profesionnal help. Pure French black metal.


Track listing

  1. La Saison des loups
  2. Dix ans de guerre
  3. Vorgine
  4. Epoque revolue
  5. Legende comtoise


This is not FNBM, this is AOC material, aimed at conserving and transmitting the oral and literary heritage of Autarcie's department in the most dynamic and delightful way possible, through high quality black metal which gives the listener a whirlwind tour of the heroes, villains, histories, legends and landscapes which the band love. Go to KPN by all means, but if you miss out Autarcie you are passing up one of the most tempting and distinctive regional products on the shelf. Stick that in your baguette and eat it. And no, I shan't translate the lyrics for you, after all la France est la lumiere du monde, and if you aren't prepared to learn the language then how can you expect to pick up all the best titbits on offer? Crack out the Collins bilingual dictionary, it's worth it for Autarcie alone. - 5/5