Autopsy - Fiend for Blood (2017 Reissue) (LP)

Autopsy - Fiend for Blood (2017 Reissue) (LP)

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The classic 1991 EP from the us gorelords, presented on vinyl to mark 30 years of AUTOPSY & Peaceville. This vinyl edition of 'Fiend for Blood' marks 30 years of Autopsy & is presented in its original 1991 sleeve design.

One of the early breed of US death metal acts, AUTOPSY formed in 1987 in San Francisco, and released 4 albums on Peaceville Records - beginning with the classic debut Severed Survival in 1989 - before disbanding in 1995, with members going on to form ABSCESS. AUTOPSY triumphantly and officially returned from the grave after a 15 year hiatus with the 2010 EP, The Tomb Within. This was followed by the release of the band's fifth studio album, Macabre Eternal in 2011, to great acclaim.

Fiend for Blood was originally released in 1991, the same year as the band's second album, the classic Mental Funeral. The release contained 6 tracks of depraved, gore-drenched death metal in the unmistakable AUTOPSY style, with the twin attack of legendary guitar duo Eric Cutler & Danny Coralles backing up the sickly dirges of Chris Reifert. On bass guitar was maestro Steve DiGiorgio (SADUS / DEATH). Fiend for Blood was recorded at Starlight Sound studios in Richmond, CA.


Track listing

  1. Fiend for Blood
  2. Keeper of Decay
  3. Squeal Like a Pig
  4. Ravenous Freaks
  5. A Different Kind of Mindfuck
  6. Dead Hole