Autopsy - Shitfun (2018 Reissue) (CD) Autopsy - Shitfun (2018 Reissue) (CD)

Autopsy - Shitfun (2018 Reissue) (CD)

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Includes 10 bonus live tracks!

Released in the autumn of 1995, AUTOPSY's fourth and final album 'Shitfun' is a glorious scatological gross out and a fitting end to one of the finest bands of a doomed generation, before their return from the grave in 2009 to wreak havoc upon a new generation of gore-fiends.


Track listing

  1. Deathmask
  2. Humiliate Your Corpse
  3. Fuckdog
  4. Praise the Children
  5. The Birthing
  6. Shit Eater
  7. Formaldehigh
  8. I Sodomize Your Corpse
  9. Geek
  10. Brain Damage
  11. Blood Orgy
  12. No More Hate
  13. Grave Violators
  14. Maim Rape Kill Rape
  15. I Shit on Your Grave
  16. An End to the Misery
  17. The 24 Public Mutilations
  18. Bathe in Fire
  19. Bowel Ripper
  20. Burnt to a Fuck
  21. Excremental Ecstasy