Ava Inferi - Onyx (Digipak CD)

Ava Inferi - Onyx (Digipak CD)

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Doom metal featuring Rune Eriksen / Blasphemer (AURA NOIR, ex-MAYHEM).
Digipack edition limited to first pressing only.
Onyx is one of the best albums I have mixed so far. The unique blend of gothic rock and fierce heavy metal just resonates with me on the highest level. A bit like Kate Bush singing on Headless Cross. Passion and darkness in perfect harmony. I am truly stunned! - Dan Swano (OPETH, MARDUK, DISSECTION).


Track listing

  1. Onyx
  2. The Living End
  3. A Portal
  4. ((Ghostlights))
  5. Majesty
  6. The Heathen Island
  7. By Candlelight & Mirrors
  8. Venice (in Fog)


If I had to pick between some bands which I could mention as Ava Inferi's references then I'd say Theatre Of Tragedy due to the ethereal and elegant nature of Onyx and Faith And The Muse due to its mystic atmosphere. Allow me to say that I found some slight but relevant Therion ideas here and there, the beginning of the self-titled track for example and some sparse moments here and there. Yet, as it happens with most of the albums, Onyx isn't faultless, after the first half "Majesty" and "The Heathen Island" don't keep up to the high expectations the previous four songs managed to forge. The band though proves its worth and reclaims the throne through the beauty of the following ending compositions, "By Candlelight And Mirrors" and "Venice In Fog" (awesome title!). Henceforth they revive the grandeur the album possessed, closing it in the most appropriate way. - 4/5