Aversion to Mankind - Between Scylla and Charybdis (CD)

Aversion to Mankind - Between Scylla and Charybdis (CD)

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Before starting to talk a little about the album, I want to say something what is an essential component for it, wichi is the artwork. Tthe album cover was made by Brianvdp, for whome I'a greatful for the work accomplished and for his willingness to collaborate. I gave him the title of the album and three basic concepts, and the rest was his work, a work with which I was pleasantly impressed. Every day of our life, we have to make decisions, and sometimes we find ourselves in situations that are a real dilemma, o even worst, situaciones when we hace to choose between the band and the worst. Hence the name and concept of this album. Watching a documentary about a case of euthanasia petition in Australia, an issue that moved me personally, was what inspired me to compose Between Scylla and Chaybdis Part I & II ”, in fact, the dialogues and reflections incorporated in both songs are from Jay, the protagonist of the documentary. Both themes, as the name implies, are correlative, while the first song is expository of sensation of pain, anguish and suffering, the second part tries to evoke a feeling of resilience and strength to achieve a goal, however difficult it may be, or incomprehensible to others. In this case it is a death wish, an aim as legitimate as the will to live. The final part of the second song is closed by a guitar solo that I wanted to sound like a relief, liberation. Death. "In a fleshy tomb, I'm buried above ground," was inspired by a poem by Wiliam Cowper, and the title of the song is a verse from the poem. I was amazed when reading this poem, the force of each verse was intense, specially the last one. I wanted this track to be experimental, a vortex of emotions, melancholy, embodied in the first part, and then anger, bipolarity and delirium reflected in the final part of the song, incorporating a whammy bar solo as an essential element to acheive it.


Track listing

  1. Between Scylla and Charybdis (Part I)
  2. In a Fleshy Tomb, I'm Buried Above Ground
  3. Between Scylla and Charybdis (Part II)