Avsolutized - Mot din svarta angest (CD)

Avsolutized - Mot din svarta angest (CD)

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Japanese Black Metal formed by MiZANE and Ur Èmdr Oervn of ARKHA SVA!
This CD combines all current AVSOLUTIZED material: the 2006 demo tape "Towards... You There" and the 2008 album "Den svarta vandans genealogi".

Very unique vocals become the focal point of a great debut album from this Japanese band! Well crafted, European BM-influenced guitars, a fierce drum machine and at times almost flamboyant vocal performance from a member of Arkha Sva -- high screams, death growls and twisted operatic wails. An impressive feat!


Track listing

  1. Det tysta fallet
  2. An Everlasting Circulation of Void
  3. My Veins Are Open (Setherial cover)
  4. A Lament for You There
  5. Utan dod...
  6. Uroborik Rupture
  7. Towards...
  8. The Ensemble Reign