Axis Powers - Marching Towards Destruction (CD) Axis Powers - Marching Towards Destruction (CD)

Axis Powers - Marching Towards Destruction (CD)

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Battalion warcommanders AXIS POWERS charges forth with a brand new full-length "Marching Towards Destruction". Taking real-life adaptations of the horrific incidents of the cruel war and militaristic concepts throughout the whole album, this is an excellent marriage between the chainsaw-grind harshness of the old swedish death metal sound gelling perfectly with the vile environment of war!

With members from the Swedish deathrashers SUICIDAL WINDS, this is just simply the most straight-up war metal there is today, no one should miss this! Stunning artwork and layout by Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu at Twilight13Media (GRAVE, DEMONICAL, etc) and with the entire album produced at Studio Evocation by Vesa Kenttakumpu (SUICIDAL WINDS, EVOCATION, LAKE OF TEARS, etc).


Track listing

  1. Marching Towards Destruction (from San Francisco to Stockholm)
  2. War of Attrition
  3. Brutal War
  4. Outbreak of the Blitz
  5. Mankind Dead and Raped
  6. Slowly to Decay
  7. Another Onslaught
  8. Forward March
  9. Artillery Pointing West


This albums reeks of old, underground death metal from the Stockholm school. And I don't just mean early Entombed, I mean even more underground and primitive than that. More like early Grave with hints of Nihilist and Dismember. Brutal and eerie, War of Attrition begins the album on a gruesome note. - 5/5