Bal-Sagoth - The Power Cosmic (2022 Reissue) (LP)

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The Power Cosmic is BAL-SAGOTH's fourth album, released in 1999. The album was Bal-Sagoth's first recording for Nuclear Blast! The album title itself is a reference to the superpowers possessed by Galactus and the Silver Surfer, and was chosen primarily because Byron Roberts (lyricist/vocalist) is a great admirer of Marvel Comics. Bal-Sagoth are a symphonic black metal band from Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, formed in 1989. Originally an epic symphonic black metal band with strong death metal elements, vocalist/lyricist Byron Roberts took the name 'Bal-Sagoth' from the Robert E. Howard short story "The Gods of Bal-Sagoth". Their first demo was recorded in 1993, and Bal-Sagoth have since released three albums on Cacophonous Records, and three with Nuclear Blast.


Track listing

  1. The Awakening of the Stars
  2. The Voyagers Beneath the Mare Imbrium
  3. The Empyreal Lexicon
  4. Of Carnage and a Gathering of the Wolves
  5. Callisto Rising
  6. The Scourge of the Fourth Celestial Host
  7. Behold, the Armies of War Descend Screaming from the Heavens!
  8. The Thirteen Cryptical Prophecies of Mu