Balmog - Svmma Fide (CD)

Balmog - Svmma Fide (CD)

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New album of this Spanish black metal band from Soutomaior (Galicia). BALMOG walks in total darkness with no return. Svmma Fide is the most violent and dark material ever created by BALMOG, just that. An album representing what it is and what shall be the true black metal. Recorded in Moontower Studios in Barcelona by Javier Félez and mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studios in Stockholm.


Track listing

  1. Witness
  2. Bring vs, guide vs
  3. Der Flvche
  4. Liberate me
  5. Hoshek
  6. Nomen illi mors
  7. Ascetic penitence
  8. Lvcifer ex machina


The Black Metal style of the band is actually more akin to Finnish Black Betal bands, similar to BEHEXEN, SARGEIST or HORNA just to name a reference, although I can listen to some more complex "orthodox" Black Metal essence like early WATAIN and some later DEATHSPELL OMEGA and with slight touches of the more macabre form of Death Metal. The production is great as everything can be heard, the band is in no need to create cacophonous riffs just for the sake of it, and it all sounds quite well thought and crafted with care. - 4/5