Barathrum - Saatana (2019 Reissue) (LP)

Barathrum - Saatana (2019 Reissue) (LP)

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Saatana is the 5th BARATHRUM album, released to high expectations after the successful Legions Of Perkele album which featured a more accessible production than the first three and an effective mixture of more rockin' tracks and occult atmospheres. Basically the band continues from where they left off, with songs both in the rocking, somewhat tongue-in-cheek vein and the slower, more occult and sinister numbers. As on all the BARATHRUM albums, the song material is a mix of old tracks (oldest one here is Sacrilegium, featured also on the Battlecry demo) and new ones. The main changes in songwriting would be that the more recent tracks tend to be a little more light-hearted in their approach, with more of a headbanging & fist-pumping vibe compared to the primitive, barbaric devilry of the older ones. The production is strong and clear, courtesy of Tico Tico studio & Ahti Kortelainen. The instruments are all audible and as usual with BARATHRUM sound the basses are very prominent. This is an enjoyable aspect and suits especially well the often ritualistic nature of the songs. Sova's vocals are in good form, he spits forth venom with conviction. Over time the album has become a grower, so it is stronglyrecommended if you've enjoyed the other BARATHRUM albums or more old-school approach to black metal in general. For fans of: VENOM, BATHORY, BEHERIT, HELLHAMMER, IMPALED NAZARENE.


Track listing

  1. Introitus: Satanick Alert
  2. Dark Sorceress 2 (Winter Siege)
  3. Boundless Arts
  4. Beltane
  5. Helluva Agitator
  6. Melancholy, Infinity, Agony
  7. Regent of Damnation
  8. Countess Erszebeth Nadasdy
  9. Sacrilegium
  10. Saatana