Barathrum - Venomous (2019 Reissue) (LP)

Barathrum - Venomous (2019 Reissue) (LP)

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Barathrum's 2002 album Venomous gets released on vinyl for the first time! The band returned in 2002 with Venomous with some minor adjustments to their outward appearance. They still have that top production, and underneath the exterior, a nasty demeanor to make up for some of their glaring smile. The prior albums 'Saatana' gave us listeners one older demo track re-recorded, 'Okkult' had two and Venomous features four. Barathrum is the black metal band with the slower and medium pacing. They are simple in song writing form, often repetitious to build a growing mood. Some of the tracks on Venomous are more varied with older influences going back to speed/thrash Metal influences. This album is very effective to certain levels. Though it's funny that we find their most consistent songs here the re-recorded tracks from their earlier, more shadowy days. This album has a mixed mood as well, ranging from darker parts that brood with their slower parts to more upbeat sections that are entitled to some head bangs. Overall, this is a great album with more than enough portions to make a completely satisfying full course out of it! For fans of Satan and: Mortuary Drape, Necromantia, Samael, Mystifier, Celtic Frost.


Track listing

  1. Witchmaster
  2. Sinister Autumn
  3. Hills of the Nurn
  4. Black Flames and Blood
  5. Lusifer
  6. Would You Sleep with the Demon?
  7. Soaring Up from Hell
  8. Black Death
  9. Gloomy Fallen Angel
  10. Venomous