Bast - Nanoangstrom (Digipak CD)

Bast - Nanoangstrom (Digipak CD)

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A New Frontier. Nanoångström continues BAST's trajectory into narrative driven arrangements and experimental compositions; set against a bleak Science Fiction backdrop, it explores the human conditions of loss, isolation, and change in the wake of time's passage. Including artwork designed and directed by the band's own Craig Bryant (guitar/vocals) as well as featuring an exclusive piece by Manga legend Shintaro Kago. Featuring guest vocals from Chris Naughton (WINTERFYLLETH).


Track listing

  1. Distant Suns
  2. Far Horizons
  3. The Beckoning Void
  4. Nanoångström
  5. A Red Line Through Black
  6. The Ghosts Which Haunt the Space Between the Stars