Bathory - Blood Fire Death (LP)

Bathory - Blood Fire Death (LP)

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Steel shines bright in the suns first rays.

Black vinyl edition.


Track listing

  1. Odens Ride over Nordland
  2. A Fine Day to Die
  3. The Golden Walls of Heaven
  4. Pace 'till Death
  5. Holocaust
  6. For All Those Who Died
  7. Dies Irae
  8. Blood Fire Death
  9. Outro


And so it would happen, in 1988, that Quorthon would transition from the primal black chaos of his first three works (all pretty fine by their own rights), into the mightiest epic of his career. Blood Fire Death is the first Viking metal-themed work of note since Led Zeppelin's immortal "Immigrant Song", and remains to me the very highest watermark by which all other works of its kind must eventually be compared. With the exception of Enslaved (who have also written several masterpieces, though usually with a different, complex progression to them), no other band can really stress the point of 'Vikinghood' quite like this one. This album arrived alongside the top crop of the best overall year in metal history, and thousands of bands have been trying to live up to it since. - 5/5