Beastmilk - Climax (CD) Beastmilk - Climax (CD)

Beastmilk - Climax (CD)

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Elements of a gloomier JOY DIVISION, an angrier ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN, a medicated KILLING JOKE, and even a lush layering of Peter Murphy - all this, and vastly more, describes the immediately memorable 3D darkness of BEASTMILK. Born in 2010 during a nuclear winter in Helsinki, Finland, the void-mothers of BEASTMILK kick out an irradiated dust of what they appropriately dub "apocalyptic post-punk." Their debut demo, White Stains On Black Tape, sold out quickly and earned the attention of DARKTHRONE's Fenriz, who made it one of his favorites of 2010.

Vocals by Kvohst (CODE).


Track listing

  1. Death Reflects Us
  2. The Wind Blows Through their Skulls
  3. Genocidal Crush
  4. You are Now Under Our Control
  5. Ghosts out of Focus
  6. Nuclear Winter
  7. Fear your Mind
  8. Love in a Cold World
  9. Surf the Apocalypse
  10. Strange Attractors


The songs are bigger and better than before and shine under Ballou's crystal production. The bass thrums with a stadium-sized echo, the guitars churn out achingly melodic lines and chords both jagged and dreamy, the drums propel the whole thing with tribal dexterity, and Kvohst croons like he hasn't been ravaging his vocal cords for years in metal bands. - 5/5