Ben Nash - The Seventh Goodbye (CD)

Ben Nash - The Seventh Goodbye (CD)

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Throughout there is mostly Ben's acoustic guitar picking - elegiac ragas similar to James Blackshaw. Side 2 opens with the meditative "Smoke & Flattery" - singing bowls, grizzled oms and incense-wreathed atmosphere. The rest of the side continues in cosmically dazed fashion with the next track sounding like Led Zep's more enchanted and folkier moments on the falling into the bliss of sleep. CD in two colour letterpress printed card packaging.


Track listing

  1. Kuad 9873
  2. Night Call
  3. The Seventh Goodbye
  4. Resolution
  5. Smoke & Flattery
  6. Magnetophon 8 Pt IV
  7. What Will Always Be Pt II
  8. Angel #7