Benediction - The Grand Leveller (2022 Reissue) (CD)

Benediction - The Grand Leveller (2022 Reissue) (CD)

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Re-issue of The Grand Leveller the second studio album from old school death metallers BENEDICTION, originally released in 1991! The Grand Leveler showcases the epitome of what old school death metal is all about: one dimensional, gruff vocals with thick and catchy riffs played over a hefty dose of pounding drums! The album is steeped in a dissonant and hazy sound, one that gives off an almost underground feeling to the music. However, this is a by-product of the excellent production, which creates such a gritty atmosphere all the while, giving each musician their fair share of the limelight. If you are looking for a prime example of what old school death metal can accomplish with a simplistic concept, strong song writing and competent musician, then look no further than The Grand Leveler BENEDICTION shows just how far the basic elements can take an album and that not all death metal needs to be overly complex or a mind altering experience to be enjoyed. A fine showing of old school death metal done right - any fan of the sound will not be disappointed! For fans of: ASPHYX, BOLT THROWER, MASTER, MASSACRE, or Harmony Corruption-era NAPALM DEATH.


Track listing

  1. Vision in the Shroud
  2. Graveworm
  3. Jumping at Shadows
  4. Opulence of the Absolute
  5. Child of Sin
  6. Undirected Aggression
  7. Born in a Fever
  8. The Grand Leveller
  9. Senile Dementia
  10. Return to the Eve