Besatt - Nine Sins (CD)

Besatt - Nine Sins (CD)

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Like Nine demons of chaos. Like Nine circles of Evil. Like Nins deadly Sins - here comes Black One! Worship Him and praise "Nine Sins"!


Track listing

  1. First Sin: Sorcery
  2. Second Sin: Homicide
  3. Third Sin: Aggression
  4. Fourth Sin: Apostasy
  5. Fifth Sin: Vengeance
  6. Sixth Sin: Wrath
  7. Seventh Sin: Hatred
  8. Eighth Sin: Blasphemy
  9. Ninth Sin: Idolatry


Nine Sins carries Besatt's tradition of blistering and fiery black metal, balancing with a dose of minor key melody in the right places. Fans of Marduk and Thunderbolt and the like will find more than enough to dig into. Obsessed with nines or not, Nine Sins delivers the goods and proves that Besatt is firmly planted among black metal's elite. Being one of Poland's longest running black metal bands (at least that still play black metal), Besatt certainly has had time to hone their sound. Nine Sins shows Besatt at their best; diverse, rich... - 5/5