Bethlehem - Reflektionen aufs Sterben (2006 Reissue) (CD)

Bethlehem - Reflektionen aufs Sterben (2006 Reissue) (CD)

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A collection of matieral from German legends BETHLEHEM! "Reflektionen..." includes two re-named tracks from SUIZID, one substantially remixed. Two unreleased re-recorded versions of 'Vargtimmen' with singers previously unheard on a Bethlehem record! An in-studio argument between band members...
But, most importantly and new for this 2006 edition (surely the highlight of the entire disc) is a seventh track! ... "Wo adlers wagen" with Landfermann on vocals, recorded same time as the Dictius album!! An obscure, dark track in the vein of Dictius and SUIZID; and when the guitars and drums really start--savage! Of course the vocals are incredible!


Track listing

  1. Wolfsstunde (Vargtimmen)
  2. Yesterday I Still Had a Beer Today
  3. Angst atmet Mord
  4. Wo Adlers Wagen (Iron Maiden cover)
  5. You Must Play with Yourself
  6. Vargtimmen
  7. Reflexionen aufs Sterben