Beyond Dawn - Bygones (CD)

Beyond Dawn - Bygones (CD)

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"The members of BEYOND DAWN may be scattered about, using their creativity in an array of various bands and projects, but the music of Beyond Dawn lives on."

This CD collects the avantgarde-metal, early era of BEYOND DAWN. Including the 1994 MCD Longing For Scarlet Days, Up Through the Linear Shades 1993 7" plus an unreleased track from those sessions, an unreleased 1992 rehearsal of Glass Desert, and two tracks taken from the 1991 demo Heaven's Dark Reflection. Ending just before Pity Love their 1995 LP which was the first of a series of albums released during the late ninties.

BEYOND DAWN formed in 1990 and the lineup includes Einz of VIRUS / VED BUENS ENDE.


Track listing

  1. Cold
  2. Moonwomb
  3. Chaosphere
  4. Clouds Swept Away the Colours
  5. Strained, Down and Under
  6. Bygone
  7. Utopia
  8. Glass Desert
  9. The Sound of Wings
  10. The Tempest


...never received the accolades they rightly deserved, and were overshadowed by the antics of their blackened brethren. They have not released anything since 2005, but this is one stopgap release that deserved the re-release treatment. - 4/5