Beyond - Fatal Power of Death (CD) Beyond - Fatal Power of Death (CD)

Beyond - Fatal Power of Death (CD)

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An insanity driven trip to the darkest depths of your mental abyss. A nail in death metal's rusty coffin!


Track listing

  1. Expressions of Invincibility
  2. Merciless at Heart
  3. Whirlwinds of Chaotic Carnage
  4. Fatal Power of Death
  5. Schizopsychotic Eruption
  6. Definite Decease (In the Chamber of Deathsalvation)
  7. Appearance from Beyond
  8. Consuming Black Void


The cascade of apocalyptic riffs and the blasphemous guitar tune are covering the waves of sound of the guitars in this record, reminding every single listener of the bands INCANTATION, IMMOLATION and AUTOPSY. The thrash patterns and blended influences of the album will also remind you of the band MORBID ANGEL, and this summation of influences will shear the blocks of your mind and burst the drum of your ears while listening to every track of this record. - 4/5