Beyond the Catacombs - Fatal Error (CD)

Beyond the Catacombs - Fatal Error (CD)

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BEYOND THE CATACOMBS are back with the follow-up to their highly regarded debut album Interstellar Burial! Hailing from Finland they play a mix of death metal not usually seen from the country. The band touches on sheer brutality but with a very technical and progressive death metal feel. While taking a lot of inspiration from the sci-fi horrors such as The Thing, and even Star Craft, it's a band were finding that fine line between chaos and technicality is key. The second album the band dwells even deeper into the technical death metal aspect and you already see a lot of evolution from this young band, hoping to take another step in their yet early career.


Track listing

  1. Terminate the Process
  2. Wired Nerves
  3. Mindscraper
  4. Lost in Cyberspace
  5. Technomancer
  6. Artificial Brain
  7. Excessive Voltage
  8. Corrupted Core
  9. System in Shock